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HB frequency and voltage stabilizer

Item No.: HB

HB Pure Sine Wave Voltage and Frequency Stabilized Power Supply is comprised of superior grade of Frequency transformer,imported

IGBT or VMOS ducts,superior intelligent microcomputer CPU,SPWM and so on. Pure sine wave output,and it can be connected with
any kind of loads,such as Resistance capacitive load and inductive load. With quick reaction,anti-disturbing,strong adaptable and great
practicable ability.It is the best choice to be used on the occasion of bad electrical environment.

Main technical features

AC input voltage : Single phase 140-240V  Three phase 240-450V 35-60Hz
Output voltage : Single phase 220V±3%  50 or 60 Hz Three phase 380V±5%  50 or 60 Hz

Efficiency:  ≥90% (power grade 50KVA above)
Overload protection:    When overload were <120%,the device will shut automatically within 5 seconds
                                  When overload were >120%,the device will shut automatically within 1 second di
Protection against short circuit : When short ciruci occurred,the device will indicate and shut down automatically within in 1 second
Undervoltage Protection:  When voltage lower than 140V

Model and spec
Single phase HB-500VA 16
HB-1kVA 28
HB-1.5kVA 35
HB-2kVA 42
HB-2.5kVA 46
HB-3kVA 50
HB-4kVA 60
HB-5kVA 75
HB-6kVA 85
HB-10kVA 100
HB-15kVA 130
HB-20kVA 200
HB-25kVA 240
HB-35kVA 280
HB-50kVA 350