Household modular contactor 2p 4p,Contactor
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Household modular contactor 2p 4p

Item No.: CT
Modular Contactor is mainly designed for AC 50Hz or 60Hz power system with 230V rated operating voltage. In a line of application class AC-7a /7b with rated working voltage up to 230V and rated working current up to 63A.

It is used for long distances switching and remote control of the main circuit.

Which is widely used in household appliances, hotels, low inductance loading and household electromotor loading control for similar application. Max. up to 100A 125A

Model Number of Pole Use Catagory Rated Insolation Voltage (v) Rated operating Voltage (v) Thermal Continuous current (A) Rated operating current (A) Control circuit  voltage (v) Control power (kW)
CT1-16 2P




500v 230v 16 16/6 24,20/230,240V 3/1


20 20/7


CT1-25 25 25/8.5 5.4/1.5
CT1-32 32 32/12 220/230, 240V 6.6/1.9
CT1-40 40 40/15 8.4/2.4
CT1-63 63 63/20 12/3.8
CT1-16 4P 400v 16 16/6 24,220/230,240V 7.5/2.1
CT1-20 20 20/7 10/2.3
CT1-25 25 25/8.5 16/3
CT1-32 32 32/12 220/230,240V 20/3.8
CT1-40 40 40/15 26/4.8
CT1-63 63 63/20 40/6.5

Also have new design type: