SEMKO 10kA circuit breaker MCB,MCB
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SEMKO 10kA circuit breaker MCB

Item No.: JVM16
SEMKO 10kA circuit breaker MCB ,great reputation in Europe market with SEMKO KEMA CE certification
Application scope
The product is applicable to circuit with rated voltage up 400V AC, rated frequency 50/60Hz and rated current up to 63A for protection and control of circuit against overload and short circuit in commercial, household and electric equipment installation. The product is suitable for non-frequently making and breaking operation.
The product, free of maintenance, can be operated by non-professionals.
GB10963  IEC60898

·Circumstance temperature -5°C ~ +40°C, average temperature not exceeding 35°C.
·Altitude above sea level less than 2000 m.
·Humidity not exceeding 50% at 40°C and not exceeding 90% at 25°C.
·Installation class II or III.
·Pollution class 2.
·Installation method DIN Rail mounting type.
·The external magnetism shall not be more than 5 times of terrestrial one.
·Product shall be installed vertically at the place where there shall be no severe impact and vibration. The product is switched on when the handle is at upper position.

Type   JVM16-63 MCB
  Number of poles   1P、1P+N、2P、3P、3P+N、4P
  Rated Current(In)   1、2、3、4、6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63A
  Rated Voltage(Un)

  AC 230(240)/400(415)V

  Rated frequency   50(60)Hz
  Curve   B、C、D
Short-circuit breaking capacity(Icn)   10000A (10kA)
  Magnetic releases operate   B curve: between 3 and 5 In
  C curve: between 5 and 10 In
  D curve: between 10 and 20 In
  Endurance   ≥ 4000
  Terminal protection   IP2LX